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Name:Fic'kin: 100% Free-Range Otherkin.
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Fictionkin related discussion
Welcome to the Dreamwidth edition of from_fiction. The information here has been ported over from ye olde otakin/[ profile] from_fiction Livejournal community with very few revisions. Please feel free to contact a moderator to suggest improvements.

Isha^Allati Pack

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The goal of this community is to provide a forum for those who believe their soul or identity is derived from a fictional medium, such as anime, game, book, or film. Often this means a strong connection to a fictional character, fictional setting or fictional race, and is normally termed "fictionkin" (sometimes otakukin, otakin, mediakin).


1. Don't flame other people. Respect each other's opinions. Be civil. Basic stuff. Debates are welcome but please try not to explode into a fireball of rage.

2. If you feel someone is flaming you, harassing you, or being a general asshat, please try to deal with it on your own in a calm manner. If that doesn't work, bring it to the attention of a moderator. Please remember that being disagreed with does not mean you are being flamed.

3. Entries are not expected to be grammar perfect, but if the moderators are unable to read what you've written your post will be deleted.

4. This community is specifically intended as a forum for those who believe themselves to be fictionkin/mediakin/otakin. However, we accept Soulbonders with Bonds from fictional sources, fictives, people who are unsure, or the plain old curious folks. As long as you're respectful, play nice and don't act like a gossiping troll, you'll be fine.

5. Some fictionkin-specific rules:

-- No one has "property" on a character. If someone says they're Squall from Final Fantasy 8, and someone else joins claiming to be Squall, you're not allowed to play childish games to try and edge out the other.

-- Although both spiritual and psychological beliefs/viewpoints are welcome, disagreements or debates on such beliefs should be resolved on scientific principals. If the physics of either argument have no scientific base, the debate will be considered totally moot. Basically, try to keep the "woo-woo" stuff to a minimum. Some of you may not like this world, but it's going to be the line of reference this community is using.

6. Memberships are subject to termination without warning. No one will be removed "just because", but if someone is suspicious (as in a potential troll) or if someone continuously causes problems, then they may be removed. People who are removed can message the maintainers to discuss their removal, if they received no warning.

7. New members coming from other sites or who have made second accounts should be aware that a bare userinfo and lack of mutual friends on your account will likely result in a rejection of your application request. If you have a new account, asking a friend to vouch for you, or messaging a mod directly, will speed up your application a lot. A more formalised system will be in place soon.

This sounded harsher than I wanted to make it sound, but rest assured that the maintainers are reasonable people and we just want everyone to have a happy and good time while with us. We just want to avoid pitfalls that Otherkin communities are vulnerable to.

Reading material: (outdated/old) (outdated/old)

Disclaimer: All properties are owned by the respective copyright holders. This community is nonprofit, which means we are not benefiting financially from the creative works of others. We are not making money.

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